Rob Tells All About Digestion – For Me It’s Not That Hard


What’s up everybody. It’s me Rob Stewart bringing you another video today. I’ve been seeing a lot of things on the internet about intermittent fasting and Eat Stop Eat program.

So what makes fasting so powerful?

Digestion, digestion, digestion. None of use eat when we’re hungry. Most of us eat because it’s time to eat or something smells good. This is a mechanism that teaches you what hunger really is. If you’re eating when you’re not hungry then you’re really hurting yourself. Food is getting backed up in your stomach and GI tract. Your body is not able to pull the nutrients out of the food because it’s backed up problem. It’s unable to work and flow. When you give yourself 15-18 hours a day of not eating, then all of the food leaves your body.

A couple things happen when you fast.

The blood that goes completely into the digestive system gets a rest. The hardest thing that your body does is digest food. What happens to the blood that was used to digest? It cleans out all the organs. It detoxifies all the organs. The body which usually turns to running on sugar now runs on fat. It turns on the metabolism so the body is burning fat. Rather than feeding on food, the body has to feed on something.

What I’ve been doing for the last seven days is hitting the mark of not eating for 15-18 hours. For me it’s not that hard to do. By hour 15-16 I start to get hungry and that feels good. In the past,I used to get lots of digestive issues because I would smell something and want to eat. For me eating triggers more eating. I would eat something yummy and then want more things yummy. Before I knew it, I was bloated and feeling crummy.

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  1. The detox aspect of the Eat Stop Eat diet is just as appealing, if not more so to me than the weight loss aspect. Sure, I could use to lose a couple of pounds just like most other people, but I’m pretty much close to in shape and I really just want to maintain my health. A regular periodic detox program seems like a great thing to add to a healthy lifestyle.

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