Eat Stop Eat Review


I did purchase and pour over this “Eat Stop Eat” system by Brad Pilon (212 pages).  This is an actual review, not something made up or copied elsewhere.

After reading the book, I discovered these:

  • The discovery Brad made after years of research? Why most diets won’t work long term?
  • Find the truth why the eating style in North America has been molded to support the interests of major food companies?
  • Learn what happens to people in a “Fasted” state?  How many hours into a fast will it take to start burning stored fat? Does your metabolism slow when entering into a fast?
  • Does fasting really have any negative affect on anerobic activity such as lifting weights or ‘cardio’ training? Will your muscles waste away during fasting?  What are the other myths or misconceptions of fasting?
  • Learn the secret if skipping breakfast bad for you? Should we be eating small frequent meals as we often hear?
  • Discover if losing weight the same as losing body fat?  When and how will your body start to burn body fat?
  • Learn why the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle is so easy to accomplish and maintain for long time.  What is the ideal amount for time for a fast?  How many times per week to fast?
  • How you can fast without losing muscle mass? how much resistance weight training is needed? How do you work out with ESE?
  • Determine if Eat Stop Eat is a diet or lifestyle? Do you need to follow certain foods or recipes, or just eat as you normally would?
  • Learn the secret if women have special considerations for fasting?
  • Now, that you’ve lost the weight, how do I keep it off? How do you keep the weight off for good?

– Brad goes into an extensive discussion and background into why short-term fasting will not hurt you in any way. It’s actually how our biology works best.

– This is so simple.  It’s not really a diet so much as a lifestyle.  That’s why you can maintain your weight loss for years to come.

– You don’t need to change what you eat.  You don’t need to go out and buy expensive organic food. You don’t need to weigh yourself every day.

– I wish he had a quick start guide.  If you want to bypass the background on fasting, just skip right to page 117 .

I’m really excited to put the ESE plan into practice for my own weight loss needs.  I can certainly use a 20% reduction in calories and would generate around 5 pounds of weight reduction each month.  Wonderful, I’ll do it!!

This program is so simple to implement, you don’t really need to think or plan. Brad includes a large section on frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the end of the book.  Take some time to see if these may address any of your questions.

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